We All Want the Same For Our Families

As Americans and as humans, we have all been shocked by the photo of the father and daughter drowned as they cross the border into the US.  No matter what your politics, we can all agree that we, as humans, strive for the same things for our families wherever we live and wherever we travel (as tourists, migrants, or refugees).  We all strive for our children to have access to a good  education, good healthcare and economic opportunities in order for our children to live a better life. 

The love we feel for our own families is a familiar sensation for any parent, or daughter, or son here in Juluchuca Mexico, or around the world.  Recognizing our commonalities can form the basis of wonderful new relationships and cross cultural understanding, and Playa Viva proudly and intentionally creates opportunities for our guests to integrate with a different culture and find something familiar in the process.  

In this week’s newsletter you will read about projects by our Social Impact team supporting the children and parents of our local communities in ways that reflect what we want for our own children.  Projects like starting after school sports programs, helping kids get an education, getting kids involved in civic pride cleaning their city and improving health for themselves and their local community.  Led by Colleen Fugate and supported by her partner Ariel and so many volunteers and guests, these projects help our local families achieve long held goals.  You, our guests, are a core part in supporting the Social Impact team, securing needed supplies and materials and working side by side with local community members to improve these local communities. Thank you to all, Guests, Volunteers, Community Leaders, everyone for their hard work, donations and commitment to improving the lives of families. 

These stories reinforce the importance of Playa Viva’s Core Mission, Principals and Values, as a Regenerative Resort, to make a social impact, that is, a positive impact in our local community.  Why? Because if we can create a better environment for the families who live in the communities next to us: Juluchuca, Rancho Nuevo and further up the watershed; then those families will be better educated, live healthier and have opportunities to work right at home. They will want to stay at home, and strengthen our communities here, and not have to leave to find opportunity elsewhere.  

Finally, as we finish diversity month, Playa Viva is proud to welcome families of all types as guests. 

We’ve put together a short article with quotes from some of our frequent return visitors representing families as diverse as multi-generational families, LGBT couples, couples with no kids, couples with kids, etc. All are welcome at Playa Viva!

May your travels bring love, joy, health, happiness and better conditions for all, throughout the World. Thank you!


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